IBSA Foundations

IBSA Foundations

Being part of IBSA means building together, with care and attention to the needs of individuals, contributing to making the most of their talent and motivation, with the idea that intergenerational dialogue leads to greater harmony and an awareness of their own professionalism and that of others.

IBSA’s concept of Social Responsibility therefore lends itself to a broader concept of sharing, creating a stimulating climate aimed at improving the life both of the company and in the company.

IBSA Foundations and CSR

CSR develops mainly at international level and is then established locally, with social projects and activities that interpret the motivations and needs of the different regions in which the company operates.

In this scenario, IBSA has three FOUNDATIONS:


IBSA Foundation for scientific research: an international non-profit organization set up in Lugano in 2012, which promotes research, spreads scientific culture and educates young students through forums, workshops, study grants and publications. It plays an active role in increasing public awareness of healthcare issues, quality of life and care of the individual.


IBSA Foundation for children: the main goal of this foundation is the management of the Primi Passi IBSA day-care facility for 30 children aged 4 months to 4 years old, created to offer practical help to IBSA employees in the Canton of Ticino and the local population.

Foundation for the management of the Social Security Fund for Personnel: founded in 1958, well before it was obliged to do so by law, its aim is to management assets of the pension fund of IBSA employees in the Canton of Ticino. The social security services offered are superior to those required by Swiss law for company pension funds and guarantee employees financial peace of mind during retirement and in the event of health-related problems.